Head-carrying the Homowo Way

Head carrying, the Homowo way" is a subseries (one of many) under #Ghanadearest that explores the art of head carrying at a traditional festival in Ghana.

Homowo. It’s the final lap of the festival; the noise ban is removed, there is a clamorous march in celebration, and every district puts a spin on it. In Palladium, young twins are glorified; dressed in dazzling pieces and carried on adults’ shoulders or palanquins.Each set of twins has a representative, supposedly under a spiritual trance, carrying food and leaves to be dropped off at a point for the gods. These representatives take the commonly seen (via hawkers, and market women for instance) task of head carrying and make it theatrical. Contrary to the poise and elegance that is commonly seen in head carrying, the festival displays erraticism and disorder in an indelible way.